Our Service

We work with you to deliver products that are accurate, up-to-date, and at a scale that you require. We deliver outputs in a variety of formats, to suit your needs; whether it be raw images or processed data. We advise you honestly regarding the feasibility of UAV surveys in your project area, drawing upon industry best practice and current legislation.

Use the contact details below, or Enquiry Form on our website, and leave a request and brief description of your requirements, along with details of how we can reach you.

We will contact you with a list of more specific questions, and advice. We will then review your project site, looking for airspace issues and access and/or flight restrictions.

Once we have obtained all necessary permissions for site access, we will plan our mission, visit the site—and fly! We can cover well over 100 ha in a day, given optimal conditions.

We obtain the raw data, georeferenced, and accurate to a few centimetres, corrected in-flight where possible, or by processing flight data after the survey.

We then process the data into a large 3D point cloud, and develop a textured mesh to create a fully interactive 3D model of the project.

Using this data, we generate a range of surface model data products; grids, contours or raster files. We can edit the surface model to give a final Terrain Model.

Finally, we produce a full sized, perspective-less, mosaic of images for the whole site, at a resolution you require, down to about 1cm. Dependent upon the size of the project, this process will take about 1.5 days.

If required, we may have flown with our multispectral camera, and we then use this data to generate a range of indices, to your requirements.

If you require it, we can fully report this data, creating GIS output for further analysis, and advise on the interpretation of this data.