Alauda Aerial Surveys

We are an aerial survey company, based on the South Coast of the UK. We mainly fly fixed-wing UAVs, which are often much lighter than the more usual multirotor platforms. This often means that flights are longer (for greater coverage), safer (less of an issue in terms of impact), and quieter (ideal in areas with sensitive wildlife).

With over 20 years of experience of environmental survey, we work with clients to deliver high quality aerial imagery for mapping and measurement purposes. Using either RTK or PPK corrected imagery, we are able to deliver final products of high resolution (2-3 cm per pixel), and with significant degrees of internal and absolute accuracy (about 3-4cm in the horizontal, 5-6 cm in the vertical). This work is ideal for both one-off surveys, and longitudinal surveys for environmental change.

We also carry a NIR and Red Edge capability, which allows us, along with the more usual RGB wavelengths, to establish a number of environmental indicators used for vegetative health and other environmental conditions, such as NDVI.

We hold a CAA Permission for Commercial Operation (now termed an 'Operational Authorisation'). This is a stringent operational and technical quality check which allows us to fly over non-related people, buildings, vehicles and vessels to a height of 50m.

We also work with colleagues elsewhere within the UAV sector should multirotor flights be required and qualified, professionally recognised, land surveyors should need to add that extra layer of ground control and QA.